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Happy Pond®

Biological Pond Clarifier


Happy Pond® clarifier is a safe biological consortium of naturally-occurring micro-organisms capable of degrading complex organic wastes including sludge deposits in ponds of all sizes.

This unique product contains live, active beneficial bacteria with a shelf-life of eight months.

Happy Pond®      is sold in 24 oz, 100 oz, 2.25 gallon and 5 gallon containers. 



Pond Dosage Instructions (less than 10,000 gallons):

Initial Dosage: 4 oz per 1000 gallons twice weekly for 2 weeks

Maintenance Dosage: 4 oz per 1000 gallons every 2 weeks


Pond Dosage Instructions (over 10,000 gallons):

Please contact us for dosage instructions that are specific to your pond's needs.


   Characteristics and Capabilities of Happy Pond®

♦ Fast acting                                                         Economical  

  Fish friendly                                                         Consistent quality 

  Biologically removes odor                                    Reduces algae blooms 

  Removes organic sludge deposits                        Promotes pond plant health 

  Degrades a wide variety of wastes                       Enhances ammonia removal Enhances ammonia removal  

  Produces natural enzymatic activity                    Non-toxic, non-pathogenic & non-corrosive



Happy Pond®  biological clarifier is a premium bacterial culture whose unique airlift fermentation process has been developed and refined over a 45 year period.  This proprietary hand-crafted, small batch process produces a complex microbial consortium containing 15 species of microorganisms capable of degrading organic fish pond wastes, including sludge.

A microbial consortium is a group of different species of microorganisms that act together as a community.  The organisms work together in a complex system where all benefit from the activities of others in the community.  It has long been known that microbial consortia are much more efficient at degrading complex organic wastes than blends of pure single strain cultures.  Blended microbial mixtures are not able to maintain a stable community structure when introduced into environmental situations.  Thus, Happy Pond®  is more resistant to environmental shock, can better compete and survive in a complex fish pond environment and is more capable of handing a wide variety of organic wastes than its competitors.

The bio-degradative diversity of the members of the Happy Pond®  cultured consortium has been extensively studied by the microbiology laboratory at Auburn University.  The species identified by the lab are naturally enriched, non-pathogenic and non-toxic.  They are capable of degrading a wide diversity of natural and synthetic hazardous and non-hazardous compounds, including cellulose, starch, fats, proteins, and polysaccharides.  The lab reports that the consortium is capable of growth under aerobic, microaerophilic and anaerobic conditions.  Laboratory as well as field studies have proven the extraordinary capability of the culture to reduce complex organic water contaminants, including odors.  The school's studies over several years confirm the consistency of the product relating to its microbial diversity and bio-degradative characteristics.  The lab states that "It has been our related experience that the combination of the individual members of this stable consortium metabolically performed more rapidly and completely than a blend of individual pure cultures of bacteria".

Based on Auburn's studies and years of experience with the Happy Pond®  culture, it is our opinion that no competitor in the biological pond supply business has been able to produce a product that performs as well as Happy Pond® .



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